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  • Pro Heavy Duty Scooters

    Now Selling Heavy Duty Scooters at a reasonable price. These reliable and durable scooters are perfect scooters for kids.

    Mayhem E-Scooter $399

    This Mayhem E-Scooter is an electric scooter. This Electric Scooter goes about 15 mph for an hour.

    Disney Princess Kids Scooter $29.99

    This Disney Princess scooter is lightweight and makes a perfect gift for any kid. This kids scooter is great for ages 5 and up.

    Disney Cars Kids Scooter $29.99

    This Kids Scooter was inspired by the Disney movie "Cars". This lightweight scooter is also perfect gift for any kid that loves the movie "Cars".

    Vinyl SKATEBOARDS $29.99

    These Vinyl Skateboards come in lots of different colors. The Vinyl Skateboards are much like Penny Boards. They are a perfect ride to school for kids and teens.


    Bianchi XR16 Boys Bike $189

    Bianchi XR16 Girls Bike $189

    The Bianchi XR16 Kids bikes are the greatest kids bike out there! This Kids Bike made by bianchi is lightweight and great for a family of cyclists. This is a 16" Kids Bike designed for 4-6 years old but any kid can ride it.

    Bianchi XR12 Girls Bike $175

    The Bianchi XR12 is a great quality girls bike. This kids bike is a bit smaller then the XR16 ,but runs the same. This kid bike is a 12 inch perfect for kids 2-4 years old.


    Pioneer E-Drifter Scooter $499

    The Pioneer E-Drifter Scooter is a fun electric scooter for your kids or teens to enjoy. This scooter is good for drifting anywhere you like.



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